not me

blowmybrainsout asked: Really hyped on Bitter Pill. Especially the songs you've put out. Really helping me get past this slump. Cheers!

jordansianava asked: dude thank you for your music , i really do aprreciate it , i can actually relate to something and it makes my day better man , not trynna sound corny or anything, but really thank you .

prickflair asked: dawg when tf is shadow moses gonna drop and please tell me "made in dade" is on there!

made in dade will most likely not be on thereeeeee maybe idk but yeah shadow moses is coming soon.

Anonymous asked: Shut your dumbass up

man :(


c: my brother shows love always

(via smxlls)

Anonymous asked: what was wrong with your ex?

I’m with a bad lady tiger

Anonymous asked: I listen to your music when I miss the sound of your voice

I know who you are and you should call me when you have time.

I love when people get this line. Very og.

I love when people get this line. Very og.

You ever look at a female and just start daydreaming about how the heat comin’ up off her pussy feel like on your face?

How, fool?

How, fool?