not me



she will get her nut, i will get mine

i always focus. i sit and learn and anticipate the way a woman’s body moves and reacts to certain stimuli.

words, grazes, full on bites and chomps and whips and nibbles.

the walls, wet and dripping, contracting and aching for a finger or a couple thousand taste buds.

there’s something about what happens when we talk.

you call, tell me about him and what he does and what he did and why he’s better.

i tell you about her, and her eyes and her hair and how i only want to give her everything i never gave you.

but we have too much fun, you and i. when you hear my voice, you get start getting off. you tell me you’re wet and i’m clueless.

the darkest things come out of you when you’re like this. feral, pure, all fire and no lies. you just want it and i’m hoping you miss how i gave it to you.

i don’t love you but your skin is so soft and pale. white and pink and bruised and red. you can take only so much. it’s been so long since you cried from the pain and you told me you felt like you don’t please me.

like you weren’t pretty enough, like other girls can do me in ways you can’t. that it’s your fault we had to stop and that i only ever lied when i called you a masterpiece.

truth is, you’re the only thing that can make me get there. get to that point. for real. in my heart, in my soul, and my deep carnal animalistic urges.

i feel like a man inside of you. you feel like a woman in my arms.

it’s nothin’ in this world i can’t turn into heroin

usabucks asked: As I sit and pull of this Newport, I'm listening to flirting.. I wanted to say thank you.. No weird shit but it's just say its what I needed to hear.

although i cannot get behind the cigarette your smoking, i do hope it helps you the way mine help me. thank you for listening my friend.

your boytoy’s in cuffs

and you’re calling me daddy

calling me mr. castillo

talking about my dick like you own it and wishing my tongue were inside you.

now i’m not allowed to conduct our ‘research’ when I need it.

i don’t know what you’re on but i hope you overdose on it.

boytimetv. Coming soon. @whiskeyjohn / gene / @g00fus / @dannycxviii

boytimetv. Coming soon. @whiskeyjohn / gene / @g00fus / @dannycxviii

I’m on that ‘Somebody take my damn phone from me.”

My ex trynna get some damn dome from me.

What time is it?

What time is it?

Anonymous asked: I've sorta tried talking to you off anon but it didn't really seem as if you were interested in the conversation

i just dont wanna be bored

Anonymous asked: I'd like to have an actual conversation with you and actually get to know you and what not but ahhhh

youre anonymous

Anonymous asked: Is it weird that I have had fantasies about you? Fantasies about someone that I listen to but have never met. I have dreamt about being a good friend of yours, someone you confide in, someone you always get drunk with. In my dreams you are the man that shows me undivided sexual attention while listening to "You Drink Too Much" and while I grip your wavy hair between my fingers I come to my ecstasy then all of a sudden you disappear. And I still have never met you. Is that weird?

I don’t know, is it?



Anonymous asked: is it Major118 or Major 118?


100’s are too long.

100’s are too long.